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One Girl at a Time Program is a strategically-planned group mentoring program for teen girls that propels them forward through informed decision making.  Volunteer mentors provide positive role models, educating and creating awareness on topics that affect young women today. Through a series of twelve fully-developed workshops and extended learning experiences,  girls gain the confidence and self-esteem to live their best lives. Girls learn their value to society, become committed to good decision making and are inspired to achieve their dreams, thereby impacting themselves, their families,communities and the world.

Mission: To Encourage, Empower and Educate teen girls through workshops and mentoring programs that support healthy self-esteem, education and life skills, thus creating informed future women leaders who know their value to the world and are  inspired to make impact of their own. 

 Creating future women leaders

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 It's a Sisterhood!
An  Extended Learning Program that is FUN
Life Skills
Career Guidance
Support and Love
Team Building
Leadership Training
Self Discovery
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