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Never underestimate the impact sharing your talent, knowledge and passion can have on sparking personal growth in youth. Being a positive role model to young women gives them an image to aspire to and creates sustainable, caring relationships that can last a lifetime.  It's an important role that teaches our youth that giving back is necessary. Become their inspiration and create sustainable relationships they can carry through their lives.

Both men and women mentors are welcome.  All levels of time and involvement are appreciated. Join us in making a difference in young women's lives, as we see our program graduates move into the role of mentor to younger girls. Become a mentor as needed or join a mentoring team or committee.


The One Girl at a Time Program has developed a proven twelve session curriculum that can also be modified to the needs of your organization or community. It covers topics of life skills and current issues affecting young women, provides fun, engaging experiences, and promotes healthy coping skills, all focused on helping teen girls have a better understanding of their important place in the world. While the One Girl at a Time curriculum covers a range of topics and experiences, there is flexibility to make the program fit your group's needs and resources. The program is available at no charge; mentor training can be provided for free as well. All it takes to start a program is a contact person in your school or community location, identification of teen girl and adult mentor participants, and a willingness to have FUN while impacting the lives of young women.


Embrace the One Girl at a Time Program as your cause. Choose how you want to lend your support. Mentor, host girls at your place of business, or teach them your area of expertise. Have an event at your community organization teaching  and guiding girls in career development. Bring your group to volunteer or mentor at our Girlz Night In Event or our Summer Retreat. Raise funding to help us continue our important work. Join the Sisterhood! We need you!


You hear about it everywhere from The New York Times to The United Nations: When we support the growth of women and girls, we raise the quality of life for everyone. When you create confident women leaders, they not only lead businesses and communities, but raise their own children to be confident, capable leaders as well. Strong women directly impact their workplace, families and people they meet along the way. They give voice to important social issues that are vital to our collective future. 

We are 100% dependent on private funding. All of our team members are volunteers.

Partner Sponsorship: 1,000 - 10,000.00

Gold Community Sponsorship 500.00 - 1,000.00

Sponsor a Girl 500.00

Private Donor: Anything is always appreciated.

Sponsor our Summer Retreat: 10,000.00

Sponsor T-Shirts for a program term, area program or for Summer Retreat 500.00 - 1,000.00

Design your sponsorship funds to be applied where you want.


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