• Deb Myers

Ms Deb's Desk: Rise to the Challenge

You may find that 2020 didn't start out so good for you. Your plans are on hold. School is interrupted. You aren't able to go to work and your overall goals are on hold and attaining them questionable. Me too!

I hope that during this time you find the strength and hope. We have to make changes and adapt in the most logical and safest way we can. Lives depend on it.

It's a good idea that you stay as focused on your responsibilities as you can by organizing your time so you stay dedicated and on track, and find joy and peace however you can. Incorporating those things that make you happy into your life will lighten up the sense of dread you may be feeling. Get out in the air and the sun for a walk, sing out loud, dance and reach out to friends for face time chats. But most of all realize the importance of staying safe. Keep your distance and follow health guidelines strictly. One of the scariest details on spreading Covid-19 is that people are contagious days before they show symptoms themselves. And just because your young means nothing. Your failure to stay home and distance means the life of someone else. Your touching something from someone carrying it can mean your life as well as a loved one. You are inconvenienced for a snippet in time. Your life and the lives of others are valuable and have purpose. Live your life purposefully and understand the importance that you carry on and take charge of this very import task. Because you are amazing and beautiful and meant for greater things. Make your choices accordingly.Rise to the challenge. It's just a short time to be inconvenienced for your sake and the sake of others. Better yet, become informed!

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